Future Automated Vehicle

In 1978, when John Travolta sang about tweaking up his car in Grease, the most futuristic fittings were fuel injection cutoffs and chrome plated rods. Throw in an automatic gearbox and you would really have a car that seemed to have come straight out of Back to the Future.  Cars have certainly come a long way from when the Ford Model T rolled off its production line, with on board computers tracking every component of the vehicle and now even can diagnose issues and even repair or inform the car company about the problem.

But can they evolve even further?

Presenting the FAV or Future Automated Vehicle, a concept vehicle which may or may not ever see the light of day, commercially at least. However, as a work of fiction, it seems to be on par with travel to the moon.

Firstly, the FAV would be the size of a regular SUV or MUV, so there goes the tiny Japanese or Korean workhorses out of the window. The paint would be self-healing so also the body, so you can say goodbye to regular touchups at your local garage. I guess nanotech might help achieve such fictional body works, but who knows what the science nerds have in their developmental store! If it can heal itself, could the FAV also change color depending upon your mood? Now that’s certainly a thought to carry forward.

Speaking of mood mapping, the interior of the FAV would do just that. It would delve into the mind of the driver, so much so that it would make Siri or Alexa seem like kindergarten versions of itself.

The FAV would act as a personal assistant, screening through your smartphone and directing you to your dentist appointment or to pick flowers for your wife on your anniversary that you forgot, until the onboard FAV system reminded you of. In fact, if you would try to get avoid such situations that have been keyed into your digital organizer, the FAV would override human intervention and automatically drive you to the location.

Gauging your mood, the FAV would play the type of music best suited, rock when you are happy, heavy metal for those days you want to beat up your boss or client and love songs on those rainy days. There would be no turning stalks or headlight switches. The FAV would gauge your thoughts and automatically signal left or right turns in advance, also switching on the headlights when it sensed that you needed it on. And don’t even try to ‘accidentally’ try and wreck the FAV to claim insurance. The vehicle would sense the destructive mode you were on and stall in neutral. Drunk driving would be a thing of the past, with the FAV either acting non-cooperative and stall itself or override the human intervention and drive you home. However, it might also alert your loved ones at home that the party animal is on their way back, so you could either have a nice strong cup of coffee brewing when you got home or an irritated spouse!

Speaking about irritating, the FAV would eliminate unwanted honking, especially between another FAV. It would gauge your mood and send across a message to the vehicle ahead, that would be relayed on the other vehicles entertainment system. So depending on what you are thinking, the messages could be sarcastic comment about their driving, angry comments involving their parents or funny comments revolving around their physical skills. And if that’s not enough, the FAV would also send a back message to the other driver’s smartphone which they can use as feedback!

Nothing is too tough for the FAV. Weather it is generating a toll pass while approaching the booth (wireless through your smart wallet) or figuring out which street or floor would have vacant parking (through geocentric maps), the FAV would do all this at a drop of a hat. But what about maintenance? Capable of diagnosing issues is something that even cars today do, however, the FAV goes one step ahead with repairing itself and sending a copy of the treatment to a cloud based server for future reference. Leaping forward, the onboard 3D printer would print the new part and replace the same also. Goodbye greasy mechanics. We would only have suited programmers sitting on some tax haven island going through the schematics of the vehicle.

With a vehicle like this, comes the urge to carjack, right? Wrong!

The FAV can only be handled by its owner, the owner’s family, or someone the who has been given authority to use it after recording the statement made by the owner, that too taking into consideration pupil dilation, temperature, and gestures of the decision maker, thus eliminating car knapping. If the FAV doesn’t sense all it right with the orders, it will take matters into its own engine and trap the perpetrator in the vehicle before calling for backup.

Fancy owning a FAV now?

Well, it might have not even reached the thought stage of the major auto companies, however, it has caused your light bulb to activate.


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