The Hygge Life

In our fast paced life we tend to forget the things that make us truly happy. Once in while we need to stop, take a deep breath, smell and absorb nature for a total refresh of the senses.

Chronicles of an overthinker

March 1, 2019 – Mumbai, India

A while ago, I stumbled across the concept of “hygge” (pronounced “huggah”) on social media, and decided to do a thorough analysis of the concept, and chanced upon Meik Weiking’s book “the little book of hygge”.

What is “hygge”? To quote, Meik Weiking, from his book, The little book of Hygge: The Danish way to live well, ““Hygge” has been called everything from “the art of creating intimacy,” “coziness of the soul,” and “the absence of annoyance,” to “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things,” “cozy togetherness,” and my personal favorite, “cocoa by candlelight”.

For me, “hygge” is taking it easy, being in the presence of loved ones, enjoying the moment with laughter, friends, and simple living. It is being comfortable with who I am, in my small cozy flat, surrounded by my plants reading on my bean bag, staying at…

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