The Endgame is near

This weekend I caught the latest Marvel adventure – Captain Marvel. A legend among superheroes and a formidable force, Captain Marvel achieved what it set out to attain – a place for the new super woman hero in our hearts. But I won’t get into how the story line has tried to incorporate and tie up all the loose ends of the Marvel Universe and let out any spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched the film yet. I would however, want to sit back and applaud the brains behind this massive franchise – the writers. And while, we might acknowledge a few of the known names that we have been exposed to, I am sure that the team behind these names have played a significant part in bringing these graphic characters to life and infusing them with their own brand of humour, fear, shortfalls and achievements.

The journey began in 2008 with Iron man and Hulk (the only standalone Hulk movie till date) where there were references to the Infinity stones and the Tesseract. What followed was Thor and Captain America two years later. Obviously, this was all a build up to 2012’s The Avengers which if you think about it was a build up to Thanos wiping out half of the planet’s population. This is where I applaud the writers for their 10 year forward thinking plan and build up of characters across movies. Every movie was written with this end in mind – the coming together of the Infinity stones and the story line post Thanos becoming the most powerful man in the Universe.

Each of the Avengers has had at least two of their own outings – except Bruce Banner aka the Hulk (while he has played side kick to Thor) and Black Widow (who has played a sidekick to Captain America). These solo movies have set out to establish the superheroes as being part humane in their approach to life and the wars that they have fought. Even Dr. Strange who is normally associated with amongst mind bending powers, the ability to keep a straight face in the print version, was injected with his own sarcastic brand of humour, making the movie much lighter for audiences.

It’s a mind-boggling task to create an avatar just right enough to be adapted and portrayed flawlessly on screen. That too for not just one or two, but at least ten major characters till date. And while they might have had the graphic novels to assist them, what works on screen is completely different from what is portrayed in print, that too you need to remember that the novels were written in the 1960’s!

Now that the writers of the Marvel Universe have made these superheroes into household names, Marvel fans are now waiting for two revelations – will Thanos be defeated and killed and if killed then how will that happen? And the second bigger question – What is the future of our much-loved superheroes beyond Endgame?

While we know that Spiderman, Captain Marvel and a host of the newly introduced superheroes, will have solo adventures of their own, what will the original Avengers – Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye (who has not had his own solo adventure till date) and Black Widow do?

Retirement? Don’t think the Marvel writers are out of ideas to force these crowd favourites off the big screen.

Only time will tell.


And until then we wait with bated breath for the newest superhero to join the fun!

Watch Captain Marvel, while she still rules the big screen.

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