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An urban, monsoon running blog that captures not only the flavor of the season but the love of running, also. A must read for adventure junkies and rain lovers!!

Nature and running are two of the best mood boosters for me. More often than not with my brain being muddled with ruminating clouds of thoughts, I turn to one or the other. Feeling mentally knackered after a particularly trying week, despite the pitter patter and the skies looking ready to burst, we decided to […]

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Viennese Tales — Chronicles of an overthinker

After reading Christina’s descriptive blog, you will surely plan a trip to this wonderful city (and country). Worth spending ten minutes reading…

July 3, 2017 (Day 1) – Vienna, Austria Despite our late arrival the previous night, we wake up at 7.00 in the morning, and are enthused to explore Vienna, Austria. The streets are completely empty (unlike Mumbai, which at this hour would be thronging with honking cars, and bustling people). The windows of our Airbnb […]

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The Endgame is near

This weekend I caught the latest Marvel adventure – Captain Marvel. A legend among superheroes and a formidable force, Captain Marvel achieved what it set out to attain – a place for the new super woman hero in our hearts. But I won’t get into how the story line has tried to incorporate and tie up all the loose ends of the Marvel Universe and let out any spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched the film yet. I would however, want to sit back and applaud the brains behind this massive franchise – the writers. And while, we might acknowledge a few of the known names that we have been exposed to, I am sure that the team behind these names have played a significant part in bringing these graphic characters to life and infusing them with their own brand of humour, fear, shortfalls and achievements.

The journey began in 2008 with Iron man and Hulk (the only standalone Hulk movie till date) where there were references to the Infinity stones and the Tesseract. What followed was Thor and Captain America two years later. Obviously, this was all a build up to 2012’s The Avengers which if you think about it was a build up to Thanos wiping out half of the planet’s population. This is where I applaud the writers for their 10 year forward thinking plan and build up of characters across movies. Every movie was written with this end in mind – the coming together of the Infinity stones and the story line post Thanos becoming the most powerful man in the Universe.

Each of the Avengers has had at least two of their own outings – except Bruce Banner aka the Hulk (while he has played side kick to Thor) and Black Widow (who has played a sidekick to Captain America). These solo movies have set out to establish the superheroes as being part humane in their approach to life and the wars that they have fought. Even Dr. Strange who is normally associated with amongst mind bending powers, the ability to keep a straight face in the print version, was injected with his own sarcastic brand of humour, making the movie much lighter for audiences.

It’s a mind-boggling task to create an avatar just right enough to be adapted and portrayed flawlessly on screen. That too for not just one or two, but at least ten major characters till date. And while they might have had the graphic novels to assist them, what works on screen is completely different from what is portrayed in print, that too you need to remember that the novels were written in the 1960’s!

Now that the writers of the Marvel Universe have made these superheroes into household names, Marvel fans are now waiting for two revelations – will Thanos be defeated and killed and if killed then how will that happen? And the second bigger question – What is the future of our much-loved superheroes beyond Endgame?

While we know that Spiderman, Captain Marvel and a host of the newly introduced superheroes, will have solo adventures of their own, what will the original Avengers – Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye (who has not had his own solo adventure till date) and Black Widow do?

Retirement? Don’t think the Marvel writers are out of ideas to force these crowd favourites off the big screen.

Only time will tell.


And until then we wait with bated breath for the newest superhero to join the fun!

Watch Captain Marvel, while she still rules the big screen.

The Hygge Life

In our fast paced life we tend to forget the things that make us truly happy. Once in while we need to stop, take a deep breath, smell and absorb nature for a total refresh of the senses.

Chronicles of an overthinker

March 1, 2019 – Mumbai, India

A while ago, I stumbled across the concept of “hygge” (pronounced “huggah”) on social media, and decided to do a thorough analysis of the concept, and chanced upon Meik Weiking’s book “the little book of hygge”.

What is “hygge”? To quote, Meik Weiking, from his book, The little book of Hygge: The Danish way to live well, ““Hygge” has been called everything from “the art of creating intimacy,” “coziness of the soul,” and “the absence of annoyance,” to “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things,” “cozy togetherness,” and my personal favorite, “cocoa by candlelight”.

For me, “hygge” is taking it easy, being in the presence of loved ones, enjoying the moment with laughter, friends, and simple living. It is being comfortable with who I am, in my small cozy flat, surrounded by my plants reading on my bean bag, staying at…

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Rural escape.. — Chronicles of an overthinker

An awesome account of how city dwellers crave open spaces. Worth a read.


February 2 and 3, 2019 – Karjat, Mumbai Needing to get out of the beginning of the year funk, after the crazy December weekends, we decided we needed to get into nature again. We found this pretty little homestay in Karjat, which a friend had also recommended, and where we had been wanting to go […]

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Those 3 endangered words – Work Life balance

21:30 hours – 40% of the office is still working hard, burning the midnight oil. Do you think the balance 60% not sitting in office are the lucky ones?

Wrong! Chances are that half of those at home would be working or coordinating work from home, while another 10-15% would be giving commands or negotiating deals over the phone to other unfortunate people. On one hand we keep saying that we need a work life balance, but on the other hand money and designation always win over family, friends, and hobbies. We work to fill our stomach’s, but we can neither find the time to sit and peacefully have a decent meal (even dinner or breakfast) or have accumulated so much money that we can feed an entire 20 storied building for a month, however, we just don’t quit.

Numerous colleagues over the years have cribbed about the work they do, their bosses, their co-workers, stating that they will quit in a months’ time. However, they do not have the drive to quit or have just fallen in love with their so called ‘work life’. It’s not clients that are to be blamed as much as the fault also lies with the top level management. In their quest to take the organization upwards, they often push their teams to meeting unreasonable deadlines and giving everything on a platter to clients. They only have one ambition, one hobby in life. Work. Or should I say two – work and making money.

Little do they realize that at the first opportunity the company that they work so hard and with such dedication, would not hesitate to cut off all ties with them if it would suit them. To the company all that you are is a money making machine. The moment the cash flow reduces or stops, you are not seen as being productive in the eyes of the top management.

Wouldn’t it be great if one would, in addition to working the mandatory 8-hour time lines, also hone a skill, nurture a hobby, or find the time to spend with those near and dear? Wouldn’t it help if they would let their careers take a back seat for 3 months (a paid sabbatical as most place now do have) and concentrate on looking at the natural color of the flowers, the white puffs of clouds moving across an azure blue sky or smell the Earth hit by the first rain showers?

No one stops us, but ourselves and our love for making more money than necessary.

With spouses (mostly the women of the family in traditional households) at home to do the house work, Indian men seem to be hell bent on raking up money and accolades by the truckload. And this doesn’t help those that want to have a life beyond the cubicle. But again money is the ugly monster that all want to tame, making sure that you must work to pay the bills, splurge a bit, and most importantly save for the future (since no government since Independence has ever rewarded the tax player).

In Japan, there have been instances of people dying at their work desks, with people so busy that they don’t even know the person next to them or realize that the person sitting next to them have left this world. In India we well be heading towards this work culture with people being evaluated with the amount of work that they get done, over the quality or creative content of that work.

So while our bank balances might get larger, our office space bigger and time spent outside the climate controlled glass structures lesser, our creative bent of mind is being suppressed each day, to the point of being killed. And we still don’t realize this, until we are at the ripe old age of sixty (if we live until then) and then crib about what we might have done differently if we only knew that money was not the answer to living life.

There have been times during my career in media, that clients pressurize the agency with unreasonable deadlines, stating that the outcome of the project is very critical. So I asked myself, what made this project achieve code red criticality, overnight? Didn’t the client know that there was a long weekend coming up? Or maybe he forgot that Republic Day falls in 26th January in India? Or, if the ad for the new fridge didn’t go up by Tuesday, instead of Thursday, consumer would not only switch to buying the competition, but never buy my client’s product ever again!

A wise professor in my college, once stated that even when you copy in an exam, put some thought to it. Just because the person ahead of you writes black as the answer, even if you are sure that it is the wrong answer, do not follow that person blindly. Alas, when we get confined to our glass enclosures, we forget this rule and blindly follow or adopt the strategy that the competitors put up, without thought that the strategy should be vetted first or if it works for the brand.

The result?

Within six months or less its back to the drawing board, the long nights on the agency and client end wasted without anything constructive drawn up.

If only our clients had a little patience, a little faith in their teams both internal and external; if only our bosses would not just be ‘yes’ men, but professionals who had the power to turn down meaningless work and put their team members first, then perhaps work life balance would become a reality and attrition rates at an all-time low.

But alas! We live in a world where the person next to you is willing to work at half the pay and double the hours, where weekends are just another two days to get work done and sleep can be caught up once you are dead. It’s this vicious cycle that is slowly putting work life balance on the endangered list.

Can we do something to stop it from going extinct?


A crazy passion called Football

It’s that time that comes up every four years (or every two years, if you are a true football fan), that gives us late nights and turns everyone, including my eighty-year-old grandmother into a football pundit. Yes, it’s football, World Cup time (or soccer for those American wannabe).

But stringent training schedules, peak fitness, and multiple strategy scenarios aside, what exactly makes a winning team? How is it that at every World Cup or European championship or even at a Club level there always is one major upset that must occur? Is it plain luck or complacency by the opposition? Or is it something else. Is it reveling in the hopes and dreams of thousands of your fans, is it having that extra drive to excel that does the trick?

According to me (and yes, I am an avid football viewer and couch pundit) the team that performs, regardless of the training and money spent on them is the team that plays together like a team. A team is one that stands up when another is down and takes on greater responsibility. A team that plays to the strengths and weakness of the other members and works those disadvantages to their advantage. And in this sport we have seen countless number of times that the team size or player reputation does not guarantee success.

Here is a list of how teams playing in the World Cup this year are starkly different, but gel together through teamwork.

  1. Portugal: Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal has not had and still do not have any proficient strikers. However, the team rallies behind their superstar, feeding him long balls, short balls and defending in numbers. They make up for their lack of goal scoring abilities in open play, by winning penalties, free kicks and try to push decisive games into shootouts. This strategy has not only won them the European Championships in 2016, but make them a force to reckon with this year too.
  2. Spain: Quick, nimble passing, relentless buildup and holding the ball for long periods of time, Spain have become an expert in the art of Tiki-Taka. Their entire team rises to the occasion with forward passes, back passes, passes across the pitch, biding their time, until they create either a gap in defense or frustration in the opposition ranks.
  3. Germany: The power house of precise strategy, German defense can lock down mostly any team. Even in losses, their margin of defeat is no greater than a 2-0 on their worse day. Stocky and tough central defenders, a burly holding midfield and quick wingers ensure the lone striker is always fed balls into the danger zone.
  4. Brazil: Lightening quick moves are what all South American teams are known for. However, Brazil takes this up another notch, combining pace, skill, and the love for football. The major issue that they have is that most players in the team are individual players and not contributors. This leads to many shots on target with little to show for.
  5. Belgium: Young, skillful, they are the opposite of what Brazil is on the field. Making use of the Spanish quick passing, this youthful squad is a force to reckon with. Their major is issue is a lack of trustworthy strikers who can provide the firepower up front. However, their flamboyant mid field makes amends for this shortfall.
  6. France: When the French team play together, they play extremely well, making it difficult for the opposition to grab chances. However, on most days they do not bring their A-game to the field. A good thing about this team is that the entire team either play very well or very bad, together. In that they have good teamwork!

In every World Cup there comes a team that causes upsets of magnanimous proportions. Underrated, with nothing to lose, these team gel together in ways that no one would ever expect them to, taking down the high and mighty and mostly complacent over achievers. In the first week of World Cup 2018, we have already seen some startling upsets and there surely will be some more in the weeks to come, because when a team works together, they mostly win together (unless everyone in the team has their own agenda, like the English!)


The Musically Dead

Eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds.

That was the length of Guns N’ Roses massive 1991 hit song November Rain. We loved the epic song and the much more versatile video and might also have been able to sequence each scene in our minds even before the video came on screen (and probably can still do!), but we didn’t know that the video was eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds. We knew that it was long, but we didn’t know exactly how much (that we learn from online video services like YouTube). But did we mind that we were ignorant about the length of the song?

No, we were not. Because those were the great old days of MTV. Even though the channel is still around in India and in most parts of the world, the ‘M’ that used to stand for Music has now dropped down to zero music played on the channel. We were entertained, hummed along to the tunes, without having lyrics.com or Google help us to decipher the heavy Americanized accent. But we didn’t care.

We didn’t care when we sang “We are going to eat pizza”, only to later learn that the girl was headed to Ibiza and it had nothing to do with food. We used to rewind, pause, write, play, and then redo the whole action again when we wanted to jot down the lyrics to Richard Marx’s Hazard, nearly scratching the tape in the process or out gun the number of clicks the C.D player button had been programmed to take.

But we turned to the music, because music made us happy.

And while the older generation berated us on our choice of loud, cross dressed and fast talking ‘colored’ men (it was called rap in those days and not ‘hip hop’), we still tuned in picking up the styles and the dreamed that we too would have a band like The Wonders that would one day be seen on TV.

Maybe it’s the fast paced world that has left us with very little time to plonk ourselves in front on the idiot box, but reality, like that sung by The Buggles is that after Video Killed the Radio Star, it is now the turn of Music itself to slowly move into oblivion. Don’t get me wrong, music has always been around and stood the test of time and will continue to do so; it’s just the traditional way of arranging music that is changing. Music is now manufactured and not played in the way that it used to be with a traditional band made up of a drummer, bassist, lead/ rhythm guitarist, keyboardist to name a few key members. With Auto tune and various other software’s, people with hardly any musical inclination are ‘making music’ which is mostly nothing but various sounds merged to form notes that defy the very definition of the term music. The so called music, heavy with bass undertones and ‘drops’ are fed to a perennially ‘high’ generation that trips on the sounds that seem to have escaped from a dying cat.

Gone are the grand guitar riffs, the piano solos, the heavy thump of the bass drum and the tingling snare, along with a voice that could make the Sultans of Swing tap their feet and make you miss wearing Black Velvet.

The essential point is that artificially produced sounds are replacing the good old instruments. One now doesn’t need any skill to play live on stage. The entire ‘set’ can be pre-recorded and no one would ever know the difference. It’s good to see music evolve

In February of 2018, news that the iconic American guitar company Gibson, faced bankruptcy filled the news headlines. Many teenagers would not even know or care that after 116 years in the music business the company decided to shut down a couple of its factories due to low demand for its instruments. Log into YouTube and check how many ‘bands’ actually play their own music. Even popular rock acts like Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5 are slowly moving to synthesized sounds. How many of our younger generation know to hold, forget, play a guitar or a drum?

With the advent of VIVEO, the music video industry will certainly still be around but will the full ensemble band slowly fade in a Blaze of Glory?

P.S: to listen to some real and wholesome music search the artist known as Passenger (the link to his latest song is mentioned below)