Bombay, India

Couldn’t leave the city that I have been part of for the part – Mumbai or I should say Bombay, because the photographs were taken pre independence.

It features the two icons of Bombay – The Rajabai Clocktower (upper left) and Victoria Terminus and just like the city they have had a change of name, but are still resplendent in their old-world beauty.

The photography’s were purchased from Bombay Store, where they used at one time, stock these time capsules.

Udaipur, India

Unfortunately, local tourists are not as important as the foreign ones in our country. And this is possibly why, in a talent rich country like ours, the hand painted pictures are often overpriced.

This one however, has a good ring to it. Sold to us by an elderly, homily gentleman, who also manned the desk at the old style “Haveli”, this picture represented the warmth and friendliness of the Rajasthani people.

The painting had all three animals that were and still are important to the local people – the might Elephant, the hardy Camel and the sturdy Horse.