Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maybe there are so many works by the Old-World Masters on display in Amsterdam, that street artists are very rare finds. While this picture is not of a city monument, the artist is a treasure by himself.

Painted by Vincent Van Gogh, this is one of his lesser known paintings called Seascape near Les Saintes- Maries-de-la-Mer and is obviously a smaller adaptation of his original work, purchased from the Van Gogh museum shop.

What made us select this over the others was the use of a multitude of blues and whites and the fact that the original (as seen magnified in the museum), contains grains of sand embedded in the paint that had stuck to it while it was still drying.

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

No picture or painting can truly capture the beauty of Kinderdijk. A bus, train, tram and waterbus ride from our Air Bnb, brought us to this monument of The Netherlands. On our way back, we missed the direct waterbus and had time to spend until the next one. That is what made us enter the souvenir shop that sat across the road.

A mass produced water painting, however, this one played with the light and color in equal proportions for us to select it over the others.

Den Hague, The Netherlands

The streets of Amsterdam had offered us magnets, history, the canals and chaos. The streets of Haarlem were quaint but deserted. And hence, we did not expect to find this masterpiece on the streets of Den Hague, a place known for its Embassies and the International Court of Justice.

And why we call this a masterpiece is for the simple reason that the old man painting it was doing it in freehand and on wood.

Yes, this picture is not one of a prominent location in the country, but the sheer passion that the artist put behind creating this was worth breaking the rule. With pictures painted on all sizes of thin wooden sheets, this was the smallest one we could purchase, also keeping in mind that our flight was scheduled to depart in a little more than eight hours.